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New Release! Fear Factor - Royalty Free Drama Strings

We're proud to announce our newest offering, Fear Factor - Royalty Free Drama Strings.

You can checkout the Fear Factor page here for all the details, but in a nutshell, we went in entirely new direction with our neest library. Most producers feel they already have a beefy library of drums, even if 90% of their sounds are useless garbage they bottom-fed off the internet (you know and I know!)... Only the illest drums excite people these days. On the heels of our Good Smoke original drum library we wanted to flip the script for people looking for something new and truly different to add to their tool-box.

Fear Factor - Royalty Free Drama Strings fits nicely into our catalog alongside Windstorm and other instrument collections, but the approach is much more flexible.

We created riffs specifically for the pupose of resampling via stacked violins and violas, in some cases 4-5 instruments deep! These were captured and are offered as individual dry mono samples, dry stereo mixed samples and stereo mixed samples with reverb. Browse through the library and when you hear a mixed stero riff you love, the following successive files will include the individual string tracks used in it's mix! The result is a flexible library easily used to build custom beats with progressions, hooks etc. Strip down the riff for the verses, use the full mixed version for a chorus, or stack, mix & match however you like. It's an apprecoah that allows you to creatively build beats without the limitation of a single mixed file to chop. Feaar Factor's riffs were created with drama in mind... From creepy suspenseful build-ups, to haunting backdrops, to in-your-face aggresive 'main-hook' style riffs and progressions.

Fear Factor is available either shipped to your door, or as an instant download in Wav format @ 16/44.1 or 24/96 bit rates.

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