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Bangin-Beats® provides music producers and composers with royalty free, licensed custom soundware products.


Specializing in professional recording and spectral editing of drums and percussive FX elements, our sounds & sample libraries have provided foundation for some of the music industry's most profilic artists. 


Founded in 1996 as East Coast Soundworks, we originally offered sounds formatted for Akai (MPC), Ensoniq (ASR) and Roland (W30) instruments. Our print catalogs went out to beatmakers who responded to our tiny ads in the back of Electronic Musician and Keyboard magazine, and we quickly became known by a few of the top studios & producers around New York. Our stacks of floppies were flying out the door by the case-load. 


In 2000 we launched as, offering an expanded library and expanded formats, and unwittingly pioneered the current business model that most online sound companies follow. 


Top studios and producers are notorious for keeping their sound sources a closely guarded secret. We feel truly blessed to have so many speak out about our products.


Thanks for your continued support!

Mid-side recording with the Sennheiser MKH 416 and the AKG C414 XLS

About Bangin-Beats



We support grass-roots Hip Hop. 

If you or your company are in need of sponsorship or cross promotion for an event or product that fits what we do, 

contact us & let's build. Bangin-Beats is the official, industry proven tastemaker in Hip Hop sound design, lending credibility and awareness to any production related event.  Aside from founding our own FATDEMOS beat battle in Brooklyn in 2003, we've sponsored, supported or been a part of the following events: 


  • Hi-Rize Beat Battle Suffolk in NYC

  • The One Stop Shop Producer's Conference

  • The Industry Standard Producer's Showcase

  • The Oakland Beatdown, Oakland, CA

  • The Collective Beatdown Beat Battle, Orlando, FL

  • Fat Demos Beat Battle, Brooklyn, NY

  • The Boston Beat Battle @ The Middle East, Boston, MA

  • The King/Queen of the Beat @ CB's Gallery / CBGB, NY, NY

  • The Ukenjam Beatdown, Los Angeles, CA

  • Battle Dome - The ORIGINAL NYC Beat Battle, put on by Rocky Presents and Goodfella Mike G.

  • + More...

R.I.P. Sandman

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