The Bang Theory Series, 240 Sounds

The Bang Theory Series, 240 Sounds


With kits like Kick Madness, Vivia Snares, Highz & Lowz, Soul Clapped, Livelies etc. Bang Theory is bound to become one of your go-to sound libraries for the foundation. Split into 2 parts of equal size for flexible library building and easier download.  


*Please note: Demo Track also includes sounds from our other library: Fear Factor


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  • Full Series Specs

    This series of sounds is in Wav format and includes Akai .pgm files to load sounds pre-mapped to pads on Akai MPC 2000, XL, Native Instruments Maschine or anything compatible with .pgm files.   


    *If you require a different format, return to the main catalog page and click the 'FILTER' button to filter by Format. 


    10 Kits, 240 Sounds including 47+ Kicks, 101+ Snares, 27 Hi-Hats, 65 Shakers/Effects/Riffs/bass Patchs etc.


    1. KICK MADNESS: Airy, solid, stabs, long decays, analogs, pillow stuffed thumps, hollows... You know the  drill, 24 files tweaked to Bang the way only we do it.

    2. SOUL CLAPPED: Need we say more? 27 Uniquely tweaked wet & dry variations on original claps and stacked snares. The snap ya neck knuckle crackin' joints you thirst for.

    3. DIRTY BOMB: 4 Kicks, 6 Snrs, Stereo clap swish, 4 Hats, 5 FX, Short Jazz bass stab, Crunch FX, Gun Cock  & Pew FX. 

    4. HIGHz N LOWz: 16 Unique, crispy clean hi-hats for smooth, not harsh top end... Complimented by 8 bass patches. From analog hums to electric stabs & filtered variations.  

    5. SHOOK ONE: 10 Original shakers with strikes, rattles & loopable chunks. Consider the 4 Kicks, 7 Snrs &  4 Hats & FX gravy on top. 

    6. VIVIA SNARES: How do we do it. 32 more original Bangers. Wet, dry, stacked, single etc.. The baddest mic cabinet, signal path, outboard gear and EARS in sound design live at Bangin-Beats.

    7. LIVELIES: 5 Kicks, 6 Snrs + 3 ill Snare Rolls... All the way live & unprocessed.

    8. SCOOBY DOO: 10 Snrs, 7 Kicks, 3 Hats... True rugged drums complimented by 2 Ill flute riffs, Orchestra Blast & Git FX. 

    9. POTZNPANZ: Ill percussions for your tuning & playing pleasure. Includes 22 deep pots, frying Pans, roasters, lid-cymbals & more... Damn near everything from that cupboard Miked with classics, smacked & recorded in the utmost controlled environment. 

    10. TRENDY SLUT: 7 Kicks, 13 Snrs, + 12 Hits, Riffs & Stab & Zap FX for your ultra-modern beat making pleasure.

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