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Stimuli Series, 350 Sounds

Stimuli Series, 350 Sounds


A collection of urban music sounds to take your production to the next level. Whether you're making pop influenced EDM or filthy Hip Hop, Stimuli will stimulate your creative juices in the lab. 


Delivery: Instant Digital Delivery! Buyers will receive links to download in the Thank You page after Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days. 

  • Full Series Specs:

    This series of sounds is in Wav format and includes Akai .pgm files to load sounds pre-mapped to pads on Akai MPC 2000, XL, Native Instruments Maschine or anything compatible with .pgm files.   


    *If you require a different format, return to the main catalog page and click the 'FILTER' button to filter by Format. 


    350 Sounds including 83 Kicks, 152 Snares, 52 Hi-Hats,

    Plus Custom Effects, Riffs & Stabs... 


    1. KICKVILLE: 32 Kicks of every variety, from warm slow thumps to quick & bouncy. Some will hug you, others kick you in the chest... All are ready to hold down the bump & bottom end in your next 32 productions with ease. 

    2. CAKE: 6 Kicks, 11 Snrs, 5 Hats, Analog Bass Stab, Cowbell. Cake is comprised of BIG drum sounds for BIG beats. 

    3. RUGGED NUGGETS II: 8 Kicks, 15 Snrs, 5 Hats. A healthy collection of the dirty drums that make Hip Hop music anything but glamorous. 

    4. SOULED OUT SNARES: 31 custom Snares chopped, flipped & mastered to bang. ]Nothing harsh and no useless fillers. We are after all. 

    5. ULTRABRIGHT: 28 sparkling bright Hi-Hats. You can never have too many flavors!

    6. PLATINUM PLUSH: 12 Kicks, 13 Snrs & Claps, 4 Hi-Hats. Hip-Pop. Radio. Club beat flava.

    7. KNUCKLE UP: 9 Kicks, 11 Snrs, 4 Hats, Lo & Hi single bongo hits, Loopable record static. Take it to the streets.

    8. GRIME TIME: 7 Kicks, 24 ridiculous Snrs (1 Roll), 4 crisp Hats. In our great tradition of True Rugged Drums for True Rugged Producers, Grime Time delivers. 

    9. GRIZZLEY GREAZY: 9 Kicks, 13 Snrs, 3 Hats. laced with more of that with loud, greazy, harsh, always in your face, RUDE ugly drums. 

    10. RIMS & SNRS: 34 snares, rims, sticks, clacks etc... Sometimes a wet rim is called for, sometimes a snare. This kit is a toolbox of both. 

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