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Muze Collection, 236 Sounds

Muze Collection, 236 Sounds


This series was made to inspire. All of the core essentials are included in-depth, with additional flavor like drama violin riffs & orchestra stabs. 

  • Full Collection Specs

    This series of sounds is in Wav format and includes Akai .pgm files to load sounds pre-mapped to pads on Akai MPC 2000, XL, Native Instruments Maschine or anything compatible with .pgm files.   


    *If you require a different format, return to the main catalog page and click the 'FILTER' button to filter by Format. 


    Over 236 Sounds including 58 Kicks, 91 Snares/sticks/rims, 47 Hi-Hats, 40 Percussions/Effects/Riffs/Stabs etc.


    1. STRIKE 1: 10 Kicks, 6 Snrs, 5 Hats, 4 Useful Percussives. 

    2. 3XL: 8 Kicks, 8 Snrs, 2 Rims, 5 Hats, 1 Ride Cymbal, 3 Percussive Fx Riffs.

    3. DAT KNOCK: 8 Kicks, 12 Snares, 2 Sticks, 8 Lovely Hi-Hats, Moobell, Timbale Roll

    4. FARO: 4 Filthy Kicks, 7 Snrs, 5 Hats, 10 Ridonkulous Drama FX like percussive string stabs, quick flute riffs & orchestra strikes. A couple of the instrument riffs in this kit are defintive favorites for adding instant street drama to tracks. 

    5. FDNY: 9 Kicks, 10 Snrs, 3 Hats, 7 FX like wet clarinett riff, reggae spliff-riff, human UH & more. 

    6. RUSTY RAZOR: 5 Kicks, 12 SICK Snrs, 2 Hats, FX... Some of our thuggest drums ever.

    7. LION: 8 Hats, 6 Solid Kicks, 14 Snrs, 9 Musical stabs, hits, riffs etc... Add a little delay and you're in bidness.

    8. MENTED: 8 Kicks, 20 Snrs, 11 Hats, 4 Riffs.. This kit is jam packed with soul, in memory of my soul brother Joey P. who tagged Mented all over the cuse in his day. Senselessly murdered in 2008, Rest in Peace my brother, this one's for you.

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