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Gutta Logic Series, 253 Sounds

Gutta Logic Series, 253 Sounds


From our legacy collection, Gutta Logic is aptly named. Including popular drum & FX kits like- Urban Hermit, Dumb Crunchies, Open Sesame and more. 


Delivery: Instant Digital Delivery! Buyers will receive links to download in the Thank You page after Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days. 

  • Full Series Specs

    This series of sounds is in Wav format and includes Akai .pgm files to load sounds pre-mapped to pads on Akai MPC 2000, XL, Native Instruments Maschine or anything compatible with .pgm files.   


    *If you require a different format, return to the main catalog page and click the 'FILTER' button to filter by Format. 


    Over 253 Sounds including 49 Kicks, 103+ Snares/Rims/Claps, 31+ Hi-Hats, 70 Percussions/Effects/Riffs/Scratches etc.


    1. DUMB CRUNCHIES: 6 Kicks, 10 Snrs, 5 Hats, Drama Hit, Wet Git Hit. Dumb Crunchies don't get soggy in milk. 

    2. URBAN HERMIT: 6 Kicks, 10 Snrs, Snaps, Robo Clap, Slow Rim, 4 Hats (1 Semi open), Clean Sleigh Bell, Male Huh FX, Quick Triangle, Bounce up & Down Talking Bass. 

    3. 32 SICK SNARES: The name says it all. True to the name of the series, We Kept it Gutta with these.

    4. CAN-DO: 7 Kicks, 9 Snrs, 3 Hats, JB-ish Huh vox FX, Guit FX, Wet Blue FX, Rubba Band perc.

    5. OPEN SESAME: 6 Kicks, 11 Snrs, 3 Hats, Snap, Deep Bass Burp, Quick Elec. Bass Pluck, Grimey Low-bit Gong, 2 Clean Guiro Scrapes, Cowbell, 2 Pan Hits, Scrape Bell.

    6. MO' BOUNCE: 4 Kicks, 7 Snrs, 4 Hats, Tom, Wet Mute Conga,  Beat Box, Chhh FX, Bionic FX,  Quick Rhodes Drama Chord, Ugly Dry Violin Riff. 

    7. RANK STYLEE: 7 Kicks, Clean Rim, 7 Snrs, OG Clap, 3 Hats, Shake, Git Pluck, Bkwdz Drama FX, Robo Cut, Pan Hit, 4 Analog Perc Hits, Buzz & Rank Hit, Tap FX. 

    8. GUNZ-A-BLAZIN: 6 Kicks, 7 Snrs, Clap, 4 Hats, 13 Dirty ultra lo-fi (8-12 bit) Gun Slingin FX... Automatics, Nines, Rifles, 5 Cocks, 2 Ricochet Blasts etc... 

    9. CAN-DO: 7 Kicks, 9 Snrs, 3 Hats, JB-ish Huh vox FX, Guit FX, 

      Wet Blue FX, Rubba Band perc.

    10. SNOOKA: 7 Kicks, 8 Snrs, 5 Hats, 1 Jingle, Piano Hit, 2 Space Bug FX. More of the ugly drums you need in your life.

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