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The Weaponz Collection, 220 Sounds

The Weaponz Collection, 220 Sounds


From our legacy collection, the Weaponz series is home to some of our favorite ruff-neck drums kits like- Ill Skinz, Networx, Ugly Stepchild, Mideast Peaces and more. Grime & filth, nothing too polished here. 

  • Full Series Specs

    This series of sounds is in Wav format and includes Akai .pgm files to load sounds pre-mapped to pads on Akai MPC 2000, XL, Native Instruments Maschine or anything compatible with .pgm files.   


    *If you require a different format, return to the main catalog page and click the 'FILTER' button to filter by Format. 


    220 Sounds including 60+ Kicks, 70+ Snares, 35+ Hi-Hats, 55+ Congas/Percs/Effects/Riffs...


    1. UGLY STEPCHILD DRUMS: 8 Kicks, 6 Snrs, 6 Hats, Ride. The name says it all. Laced the ILL original drums we're known for. 

    2. MIDEAST PEACES: 6 kicks, 7 dope snrs, 3 hats, finger cymbal, 5 Indian Percussion slaps, 3 ill sitar chord hits, 

      2 clean sitar plucks.

    3. NETWORX: 9 Kicks, 10 Snrs, 5 Hats (2 Open & Closed).. + 4 Computer FX: Speed dial, Ring, Dial Up & Key Strokes. Never mind the FX though, the drums are super bad.rums that make Hip Hop music anything but glamorous. 

    4. FUSED: 8 Kicks, 10 Snrs, 5 Hats, 2 Elec Toms, Shake FX.  The best of both worlds. A selection of Crunchy Hip Hop Drums Fused with Analog Flavored Kicks & Toms.   

    5. WET CONGA CHOPS: 12 clean, wet chops. Play 'em in countless combinations or create your own orignal patterns. Clean as they come and splashed with big Lexicon reverb with late diffusion. (Adjust decay settings for Dry variations).

    6. ILL-SKINZ:  9 Kicks, 8 Snrs, ILL Claps, 2 Hats, Shaker, 2 Latin Perc Hits, 2 Horn Hits.  (Dope Drums!)   

    7. NEO-VIBE: 6 Kicks, 6 Snrs, Rim, Finger Snapz, 5 Hats (2 Open & Closed), Dope Slow Cabasa, Key Chord, Deep Ambient FX, Guitar Pluck. 

    8. DIRTY SOUTH: 7 Kicks, 9 Snrs, 4 Hats, 3 Elec FX, 2 Lindy FX, Real Cowbell, 2 Deep Synth Bass Stabs. 

    9. TURNTABLE SCRAPZ: 6 Kicks, 11 Snrs, Snr Scratch, 4 Hats (2 Open & Closed), DOPE Horn Stab, Grimey Guit Pluck, Record Backspin, Needle Drop FX, Needle Skid FX. 

    10. THE DEFINITIVE 808 KIT: A complete palette from the classic. TR808 Kick, Snare, Closed & Open Hats, Cymbal,  Clave, Rim, Claps, Toms &  Shaker. Includes filter variations of Kicks & Snrs tweaked on the original monster without reinventing the wheel. 

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