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With kits such as- Bumpin' Uglies, Devious Hum Drums, Play Da Back, Neck Brace and more... It's no wonder sounds from Nasty Next are all over records by cats like Drake, J. Cole and more. Split into 2 Parts of equal size for flexible library building and easier download.


Full Series Specs (Parts 1 & 2): 

Over 280 Sounds including over 73 Kicks, 116+ Snares & rims, 48 Hi-Hats, 20+ Percs/Effects/Riffs... 

Nasty Next Part 2

Just $9.95


  1. NECKBRACE: 6 Kicks, 9 Snrs, 2 Snr Cuts, 3 Hats, KT Spring FX, 3 Lo-Tweaks. 

  2. PLAY DA BACK: 15 Kicks, 14 Snrs, 11 Rims. A slick smooth collection of not "in your face" drums. 40 sounds to hold you down!

  3. EASY BUTTON: 10 Kicks, 14 Snrs, 6 Hats, 1 Pizzicato Pluck, 1 Flute Riff, 1 Git  Pluck. As far as drums are concerned, we are indeed making it easy for you.  

  4. MOUF-PERCS: 29 Beat Boxed Kicks, Snrs, Clacks, Hats, Breaths, Uh's, and percussive mouth spasms for that drum-apella back drop. 

  5. GOOD GRAVY: 6 Kicks, 14 Snrs, 1 Hat, 1 Light Tambourine Rattle, 2 Distinct Shakers. It's all gravy. 

Nasty Next Part 1

Just $9.95


  1. DEVIOUS HUM DRUMS: 22 Sick sub bass drops & heart stoppin kicks to shake the whip next to yours at the red light. We suggest you turn your monitors down when using these. Weak woofers may have a bowel movement. 808 Step aside.

  2. BUMPIN UGLIES: 6 Kicks, 10 Snrs, 2 Rims, 3 Hats, 2 Perc Taps, Dirt FX. Ugly rugged drums that bump

  3. CLAP BACK: 8 Kicks, 14 Claps/Clap-Snr Stackers & Finger Snaps, 3 Hats. Wide stereo fields, both synthetic & real claps in both clean and wonderfully grungy layers. 

  4. BIG SNRS: 28 Forefront Snrs to cut through even the busiest mix. When you need an "in your face" snare for that anthem track, it's Big Snrs to the rescue. 

  5. MADHATT'N: 32 lovely Hi-Hats ranging from sharp to spongy. Quick sticks, bellish tambs, slow-decayed rides & more ready for the human touch of your Q-Link/decay  slider. 

Full Nasty Next Series


Just $17.95!




Available for immediate Digital Delivery or shipping. After purchase, your order confirmation email will include a link to download your order. All files are delivered in Wav format, in a zipped file for each product. If you prefer to have your order shipped, select a delivery option with Shipping and Handling fees at checkout and your order will be shipped on Data CD Rom.


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