Bangin-Beats is the Music Industry's #1 Source for Hip Hop Drums, Samples & FX Sound Design. 

We offer sound libraries for all software, as well as Akai MPC models- offering instantly downloadable MPC Expansions and kits for standalone MPCs like MPC One, MPC Live, MPC X, MPC Beats sopftware etc. As well as Floppies for your OG model MPC 2000, 2000XL, MPC3000, MPC60, and ASR10! 

We've been locked down in the lab for months, cookin' up more ingredients for your production. Our newest releases are MPC Expansion Keygroups that will also work Kontakt, Komplete and more... But we think you'll dig how they're optimized to turn your current standalone MPC (MPC X, Live, Live II, One, MPC Beats etc) into a full-fledged sound module. Connect a midi/usb keyboard and get busy. As always, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. Keep Bangin!

New & Featured Releases


40 Custom analog bass patches for all occasions. Warm and juicy, after flipping them on a minimoog clone, we drove em through a vintage Ampeg tube amp for maximum creamy goodness. 

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MPC Expansion: 

Strung Out


A complete string sound-module for your standalone MPC (Also works with Maschine, Kontakt etc.) Strung out is packed with hundreds of pristine quality layered multi-samples, in 20 keygroups.

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Mics on Snare, Snare samples
Bangin-Beats Hip Hop Drum Sounds
Mid-side Microphone Technique
Gold & Platinum Record Plaques

Whether you're a producer with plaques, or are still working on that... Our clients agree, Bangin-Beats consistently brings that knock to the table for working producers in the trenches. For better or for worse, we stay in our lane- capturing, twisting & manipulating filthy boom-bap drums & FX has been our passion since day one. We're proud to have created the model that most sound companies follow. ;)  



Our Pedigree...


Nobody is on their grizzly grime the way we are. Nasty drums inspire Nasty Beats. Diggin', capturing, twisting & manipulating sounds & drums has been our passion since day one. We're proud to have created the model that most sound companies follow. ;)


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